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Doc, you got me ready! Seven weeks ago, I was excited about being able to run for two minutes of a walk/run and yesterday I ran 13.1 miles. It was a rough start but I had a strong bike and run. The swim was cold; my hands would just not warm up. The transition took 25 minutes, but I got going on the bike and passed 320 people and ran the entire 13.1 miles. That was good enough for 5th place and a podium finish. It would not have been possible without your treatment, encouragement, guidance and expert knowledge. It is so reassuring to know that I have such a smart doctor should issues arise. I have learned so much working with you.  This definitely isn’t the last time we’ll see each other!

Thank you SO much for all you did!

Michael Bryant

67 year old endurance athlete and six- time Ironman Lake Placid finisher 
2016/2017 AG podium 70.3
Finisher Raleigh 70.3 & Lake Placid 70.3

Had a gnarly, painful hip that prevented me from squatting below parallel. Dr. Donato fixed it at 11:30am and I squatted 195lbs at 2pm that same day. Pain free!! Highly recommend!

Christina Anderson LMT


I have known Dr. Keith Donato as a patient for almost a year, and throughout the past year of treatment the changes Dr. Donato brought upon me have been life-changing.

For the latter part of my high school swimming career, I suffered from painful impingement and hypermobility of my glenohumeral joint (the rotator cuff muscles). The pain kept me out of the water and from competing in the only sport I knew (being half-blind, contact sports are a ‘no-go’ with me). Daily activities such as shifting the gears in a manual car, or lifting a gallon of milk were painful and annoying.

For roughly 8 months I had seen many specialists, and physical therapists; nothing seemed to be helping. On a whim, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Donato. Dr. Donato helped me understand, that my recover is a marathon, rather than a sprint. He stresses that individual client dedication to his prescribed “exercises at home” was something that needed to be followed for improvement. The progressive exercises coupled with Dr. Donato’s extensive knowledge and experience with “Active Release Techniques” (ART) considerably reduced the pain and inflammation that was occurring. Essentially, recovery is a two-way street, if the patient is dedicated with his/her “exercises at home” progress will materialize.

Staying active throughout this pain was paramount to my beliefs; and eventually in the Spring of 2016 (after roughly 4 months of treatments), I was cleared by Dr. Donato to join the boys track team, and start weight-lifting.

Throughout my visits, my views on exercise science has been sizeable changed for the better. In thanks to Dr. Donato I am living relatively pain free, swimming twice a week, and an active member of my University’s Crew (rowing) team. His strength training recommendations and the sale of “Emergent Nutrition’s Synergy XP” have helped me gain over 18 pounds of lean muscle in 4 short months.

Dr. Donato has been one of the most influential persons I have come to know. Always placing his patient’s health as his paramount objective, keeping consistent lines of communication open, and advice on recovery is noted and greatly appreciated. Dr. Keith Donato has transformed me from a ectomorphic swimmer whose shoulder was almost torn, into a bigger, stronger, and more confident athlete and person. Keith is a breath of fresh air.

Colin W. Brady

NYS Section II Two-Time Sectional Qualifier – Swimming
NYS Section II Suburban Council Qualifier – Distance Track
Johnson & Wales University – Men’s Crew Team

I had the kind of shoulder pain that takes swimmers out of the water. However, my goal was to swim across the English Channel, which required intense training. My orthopedist made non-specific diagnoses and prescribed weeks of rest. I thought there was nothing I could do.

Dr. Donato looked beyond my symptoms to find the muscular imbalances and adhesions that developed in locations seemingly unrelated to the pain. His skilled application of ART and a range of other techniques relieved the pain and allowed my shoulder to move properly.

All I really wanted to do was train. Dr. Donato made swimming possible and was an invaluable part of my preparation for a successful English Channel crossing.

David Dammerman

Successful English Channel solo crossing – 2013
The Search for Memphre 25 mile swim – 2012 1st place & record holder
Kingdom Swim 10 Mile – 2011 1st place – 2012 3rd place

For more than three years, I struggled with biomechanical and balance problems that greatly inhibited my ability to run downhill and otherwise severely compromised my running. I was unable to race and even had to avoid some of my favorite running routes. I went to orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors, a podiatrist and even a neurologist, but no one could find a cause of the problem or help me improve.

A running acquaintance recommended Active Release Therapy, and I made an appointment with Dr. Donato. I was not sure what to expect given the lack of success with other forms of treatment, but over the next few months I experienced gradual improvement, something that had not happened previously. This continued, and over the past year the progress I have made in recovery is little short of phenomenal. I am truly grateful to Dr. Donato, and highly recommend Active Release Therapy as a treatment for many common (and not so common) running injuries.

Daniele Cherniak

9-time USA National 100K Team Member
USA 100K National Champion (1998)
USATF Ultradistance Runner of the Year (1999)
Trans-Isthmus Record for women, Ultramarathon de Panama
Member of the HMRRC Hall of Fame

I have sent numerous swimmers with a wide range of issues to Dr. Donato and have seen immediate as well as long-term improvement due to Active Release Techniques® and more specifically Dr. Donato’s work. Competitive swimming is repetitive motion by nature and thus can cause a large amount of stress to the tendons, muscles, etc. This treatment is extremely pro-active in identifying the cause, solution, and prevention to combat these problems and leads to, among other things, increased range of motion, strength, and flexibility. I highly recommend Dr. Donato to all of my swimmers and have had 100% satisfaction with his work with all of the swimmers that I have sent to his practice.

Chuck Dunham

Head Coach Shenendehowa Boys Swimming and Diving,
Two-Time Coach of the Year Award Winner

I suffered from severe plantar fasciitis for 8 months. I tried physical therapy, several new insoles, a night splint, cortisone shots, and plenty of rest, yet I remained in serious pain. On a friend’s recommendation, I made an appointment with Dr. Donato. In less than a month, the difference in pain and mobility was significantly noticeable. In less than two months, the pain had decreased to the point where I often didn’t notice it, and my mobility had greatly increased. I could take long walks again, and work all day on my feet without limping. I still cannot believe how quickly I was able to see a difference. Dr. Donato’s ART therapy was extremely effective for dealing with my chronic pain issue. I am so grateful for his expertise.

Chris Herrmann

Plagued by chronic shoulder pain after years of heavy weight lifting, and following a consensus among a number of reputable orthopaedic surgeons that an operation would be needed to relieve the impingement, I decided, first, to try A.R.T. therapy after some initial research into the benefits.

This brought me to Dr. Keith Donato, a fully certified provider in Upstate New York.  The result was a game changer.  After a couple short months of therapy and incorporating his rehab protocol into my workouts, I was, to my amazement, training pain free for the first time in 10 years.  I am now a competitive powerlifter, and I cannot overstate the importance of rapid, full recovery from injury, which Keith has been an integral part of, from my shoulder (which has remained surprisingly healthy for years) to a torn IT band, frequent lumbar spine issues, etc.  I credit his regular “tune-ups,” in fact, to my ability to continue powerlifting at a high level into my “masters” years.

Todd Henry, Competitive Powerlifter

Professionally, as a swimming coach, meeting Keith 8 years ago was one of the best things to happen to my athletes. With the types of injuries we usually deal with, Keith has usually been my first recommendation. We never hear “rest it for 2 weeks, and come back.” Keith goes after why there’s an issue in the first place – not just the pain itself. And the athletes are very comfortable with him. The first athlete we ever sent to Keith had just completed a full 2-3 month PT schedule for her knee, and still couldn’t make it through 10 minutes of practice without the pain. After her first treatment with Keith, she swam half a workout. After her next treatment, she was back on track. I trust Keith. Personally – I thought I would just have to deal with the pain of bone on bone until I got a hip replacement. But seeing Keith has me back on the golf course and has allowed me to put off a replacement for a while.

Jerry Adams

Head Coach Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club
Former Head Coach – VIrgin Island Olympic Team (2004)
International Swim Club Association (ISCA) Board Member

Four weeks ago I couldn’t run more than .16 miles with excruciating IT band related knee pain and I was worried that my marathon training was going to stop. After your first A.R.T. treatment I could start running again. After the third treatment I was able to run 14 miles with no pain. I am happy to let you know that I completed the 2014 NYC Marathon yesterday at a personal record. Thank you again for your help. I feel great and have not had pain since your first treatment.

Jeff Cohn

Marathoner and Avid Runner