About Dr. Donato

Since 1996, Dr. Donato has provided chiropractic treatment with full certification in Active Release Techniques® (ART). He successfully treats and rehabilitates sports-related injuries (rotator cuff, hip and knee conditions), repetitive trauma/stress syndromes (carpal tunnel, arthritic conditions), spinal/postural disorders (sciatica, headaches) and many other conditions related to anatomical and biomechanical dysfunction.

A licensed Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Our state of health is greatly impacted by the way we sit, stand and move throughout our daily lives. Uncovering the cause of pain through a thorough history, chiropractic examination and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Dr. Donato’s approach is to discover the cause of your pain, injury and biomechanical dysfunction and assess how to provide the most effective relief corrective care.

Dr. Donato’s philosophy is that most conditions of the musculoskeletal system are affected by changes in posture, compensatory movements and resultant effects to the soft tissues (i.e. muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves). Treatment focused on these changes will create sustainable results, minimize the chance of re-injury and enhance performance.

Dr. Donato:

  • Has 13 years experience in personal training and massage therapy
  • Has been full-body certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) for 9 years
  • Is a member of the ART Elite Provider Network (EPN)
  • Offers house calls, Saturday office hours and Corporate Wellness plans
  • Is an official treatment team member for Ironman Triathlons

Contact Dr. Donato’s at any time about discomfort you’re experiencing, his services or other questions you may have.